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press release, Museums of the World, 2011

press release, Museums of the World, 2011

Museums of the World
Heidi Wood
Caen Artothèque
January 14 - March 13 2011

Following on from her exploration of the way abstraction has been harnessed to utilitarian ends, Heidi Wood is currently focused on the use of pictograms in the branding of tourist destinations. This has led her to visit a range of museums where she has taken inventory of their contents in drawings.

These line drawings are combined with pictograms, creating what may or may not be the essence of each destination.
The Caen Artothèque will present 9 new works, mixing screenprinting and drawing, alongside wall drawings based on material from local museums (Museum of Normandy and Nature Museum).

"During my trips, I gather information in drawings and absorb the atmosphere of each city. I am often there for under a week, so my impressions are inevitably superficial. My approach mirrors the idealized formatting practiced in tourism and allows me to distill a vision of the city's most apparent characteristics. The result is necessarily appealing, like a logo : this positivity is an intrinsic characteristic of the language I use." H. Wood

A limited edition book produced by the Caen Artothèque is the first version of a catalogue, which will ultimately contain a city for every letter of the alphabet.